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Image of Boaz's dad Zeus

Image of Boaz’s dad Zeus

My name is Shirley Dawson.  I live in Bella Vista, Arkansas with my husband, Mel, and our new buddy, Boaz.

Boaz is our Giant Schnauzer friend.  We picked him up the day before Thanksgiving, 2014.  He was 7 1/2 weeks old.

Boaz is a totally black boy and was born in Vilonia, Arkansas.  His dad is Zeus and his mommy was Jenna.  I’m now his new mommy.

My husband and I like dogs and cats, but especially dogs.  Our two older dogs had passed during the last year and it was very sad for us to lose such loving companions.  We are in our 60’s and I’m retired.  Our daughters are grown and have families of their own.  One daughter and her family live across the country from us and the other daughter and her family live close but will be leaving for the mission field in Papua New Guinea within the next couple of years along with my precious grandson.  So Mel and I will be alone here in Arkansas pretty much.

Mel has always talked about a schnauzer he once had and how much he wanted another one someday.  Myself, I love the shepherd breeds and wanted a collie or border collie or possibly a very small dog that I figured I could pet and cuddle.  I’m in a wheelchair a lot  because of spinal degeneration.

But I had picked our last dog, Jeff, a rescued pup, so this time it was Mel’s turn to select our new companion.  He really wanted a larger dog, so after much discussion, I began my search for a standard schnauzer and in the process ran across information on the Giant Schnauzer breed and was intrigued by what I read.  Finding that there was a breeder in Vilonia, Arkansas, only 1.5 hours away we gave Ms. Amanda a call and set up a time to visit her and see the puppies she had available at her www.Schnauzerkids.com

We arrived at her home and were greeted by two of her adult Giant females and Zeus, her adult male.  After being introduced to Zeus, he became very friendly and kept coming up to both Mel and I to be petted.  He was not the least bit aggressive or shy towards us and kept coming to me as I sat on the couch and snuggling his head into my lap and under my arms wanting to be petted.  We both fell in love with Daddy Zeus.

Image of Boaz's mon, Jenna

Image of Boaz’s mon, Jenna

Jenna, the mother of the litter we were looking at was also introduced to us.  She was pretty shy but not aggressive either towards us.  We figured that with her puppies in the room, she was much more worried about us being there.

Amanda had six puppies from Zeus and Jenna’s litter available.  They were all pretty precious at 5 weeks of age.  Mel had decided he wanted to get a male, so we looked at the males that were available and Mel said for me to pick out one.  Amanda had them sorted by the color of their collars and I liked the “no collar black male” puppy.  He seemed to be healthy and strong, as well as very cute and cuddly, so I chose him and Mel agreed.

We visited with Ms. Amanda for a while, petting Zeus over and over and asking questions about Giant Schnauzers and what we would need to know.  After leaving our deposit and setting up our pickup date, we left very happy and looking forward to picking up our puppy in 2.5 weeks time.

Image of Boaz at 5 weeks

Image of Boaz at 5 weeks

As soon as I was home that day, I went online, reading as much as I could about Giant Schnauzers.

I also ordered several books from Amazon on the breed and the training of schnauzers.  I subscribe to Oysterbooks also and downloaded all the puppy and dog training ebooks available and began to read.

Setting my Expectations

As I read all these training books, I realized that I wanted more out of this dog than I had expected from our previous pets.  I wanted a true, well behaved, obedient companion that I could take anywhere with me.  I also decided I wanted to train this dog to be a service animal for me.  I’ve never had a service dog and certainly never trained one, so this will be a challenge for rme.  Thus began my new adventure with Giant Schnauzers.
– Shirley



Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.

– Shirley