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What to do about Dog Smell

Dog Smell – What to do between baths!

Currently, we are giving Boaz a bath every two weeks and he gets a full grooming (by a trained groomer) every two months.  However, he is still a dog and will smell between baths, so I’ve been researching how to keep him and my home smelling  better and cleaner between those bath times.

image of Bo groomed and laying on our old carpet

image of Bo groomed and laying on our old carpet

I did look for dog wipes that are commercial and I’ve ordered a container from Amazon.  I looked only for products with 4 stars or more.  I found these with 5 star reviews and have ordered them.  Greenbone Snap Naps 84 Count Natural Lemongrass Deodorizing Pet Wipes    They cost $7.99 for an 84 count.  There were more with 5 star reviews, but more expensive, so I’m trying these first. Continue reading

Giant Schnauzer Delight!

“My day with Boaz

Today was a pretty cool day with Boaz.  I woke up very early for me at 6:30 a.m.  Remember I’m retired, disabled and in pain from these feet ulcers, so I normally don’t get to sleep until around 3 a.m. or after.  Well, today I was pumped about taking Bo to his vet appointment and then on for some public access work. So I set my alarm for 6:15 am and then automatically turned it off saying to myself  I would get up in a few minutes.  I’m sure you’ve done this before – the next thing I know, my dh is asking me, “are you taking Bo to the vet?”  Needless to say, it was 30 minutes after my alarm rang.  So I got up then and into the shower. At 7:30, when my dh normally leaves for work, I had him get Bo into the back seat of my car for me.  Boaz is still reluctant to climb in and out of the car, something about the steps and height I guess.  But in my readings on my various forums, this is not unusual for Giant Schnauzer pups and sometimes it takes quite a while and much effort to get them over this fear.  So I’m definitely going to start some lesson work in the driveway practicing getting in and out of the back seat.  Bo is just getting too big for me to be lifting and pushing him like this. Continue reading

Boaz Visits His Grooming Salon


Image of dog groomer, copyright Microsoft

Image of dog groomer, copyright Microsoft

This morning I took Boaz to see Ms. Joyce, his groomer at PetSense in Pine Bluff. This is only the 2nd grooming appointment he has gone to. I leave him a small toy and some treats for “bribes.” with Ms. Joyce. He’s much larger now than the last time we were there. Probably over 50 pounds, so I figure the cost of his grooming will be more than $47 this time. She will give him a “Schnauzer cut” with beard and legs fluffy and closer cut on back, with a longer skirt. He will also get his toenails ground down some and hopefully hair pulled from his ears. Continue reading