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Summer Heat and Your Giant Schnauzer!

Dog woes during hot weather!

Arkansas is known for its heat and humidity, especially in the summer and early fall.  This year our spring was late and the heat in summer began closer to July; but boy did it come in with a bang.

Our Boaz is pretty much an inside dog, going out for walks, play and to potty.  This past winter, he loved the snow and ice days and he had a wonderfully thick and beautiful coat which protected him from the cold.  In fact, even in winter and in the house, he was always finding the coolest part of the house to lay down and rest.  My husband, Mel, takes him out for a short walk each morning and a much longer walk each evening and Bo loves it – he gets more exercise and gets to meet people also while he’s on his walks.

Then here comes summer and with it the heat, into the low 90’s in late June and then up to 98,99 and over 100 in July for days at a time.  With humidity of 70-90%, it feels awful.  Dogs can become ill and even die in weather like this.  In fact, during late June, on one of his walks with Mel, Boaz became disoriented and was even staggering a little,  luckily Mel got him water and inside soon, along with a lukewarm soak in the tub;  enough that he recovered.  After that, I did some research on heat issues with dogs. Continue reading