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Boaz is growing fast and sweeter each day

Our Sweet Boaz

Boaz is now 15 months old and each day he is sweeter and has more personality.  I’m at home a lot during cold weather because I hate to mess with getting my wheelchair out to the car and loaded up.  Mel is still working, so Bo and I spend lots of time together.  He follows me around wherever I go, from room to room and even waits outside the bathroom when I potty – he would be in the room with me except my wheelchair blocks him from coming in.

During the day I will open the front door and just leave the screen locked, so he can see out.  He loves to lay by the door and see cars and people go by.  He loves the UPS guy and has a big dog bark when I have a delivery.  One guy loves to pet and play with Bo if I’m outside with him.  The other little guy is terrified of him, so I try to put him inside when that one is the delivery man.

When Mel gets home each night, Boaz gets so excited and Mel will let him out and they both go to get the mail together.  In the mornings, Mel and Bo will get the newspaper, Bo runs to get it and brings it back to Mel. Bo loves to do that each morning.  When the paper is late, both of them get upset. Continue reading