An Exciting Weekend for Boaz!

Boaz’s Weekend

This has been an interesting weekend for both Boaz and Mel and I. After all the rain last week, I was feeling pretty down. I was exhausted from coming back from our vacation, where Bo, myself and my MIL has gone to get away from the house here in White Hall. We had packed up all the house except the kitchen and laundry room for old carpet to be removed and new vinyl plank flooring to be installed.
It looks great, but I’m actually still unpacking and going through stuff. While I’m unpacking, I’m organizing and throwing lots of stuff away. Boaz has been having a field day sneaking around, getting stuff out of boxes and chewing them up.
He’s loving to find papers and old pens which we are finding pieces of everywhere we go. He even tore Mel’s crossword puzzles up and the Sunday paper. For chewing up the paper, he was banished to outside until Mel finished reading every single word on what was left of the paper.

But Bo has also had a great weekend with several long walks and run-jogs with Mel. Bo loves these walks and Mel says he does just fine on them but they both come back with their tongues hanging out.

Image of Boaz in bathtub at six months

Image of Boaz in bathtub at six months

Boaz also got another bath Saturday night. He was very good with Mel washing him in the tub. He did a perfect “DOWN” and later a “STAND” so Mel could wash him good. He pretty much took the entire length of the tub. Mel and I both played with him while drying him off and brushing him out. He feels so soft now and smells so good (for a dog that is)!\ Later Mel saw him go back into the bathroom and put both legs back into the tub like he wanted to get back in again – funny! He loves the water.

Then today, Mel and Bo took another nice walk and he got to meet several kids who were walking too and some adults. He loves to meet people and is getting a little calmer when he does. Good thing because he’s getting so big he can be a little scary.

Image of Gus, an austrailian shepard

Image of Gus, a red merle australian shepard friend of Bo’s

Sunday night some friends came over with their two dogs, one an 8 month old red merle Australian Shepard. Gus was beautiful and as soon as he saw Bo, he started parking and growling. Bo was curious about both the aussie and the other dog, Bitter. Boax is turning out to be very non-aggressive towards other dogs. He and the aussie keep approaching each other sniffing around and then began to chase and follow each other in the yard. The aussie stopped parking and growling and they were all running and playing together.

This was very good exercise for Bo and I’m sure for the aussie, Gus, also. They will all be tired out tonight.

Gus may come again for some more play-dates and I really think that will be good for both Gus and Boaz, to burn some of that engery off and for more socialization with other dogs.

2 thoughts on “An Exciting Weekend for Boaz!

  1. Hayley

    Your dog is very cute. My border collie unfortunately hates all things water, and when it’s time for a bath it takes a bit of effort to drag her in.

    1. admin Post author

      Hayley, we are fortunate that Boaz loves water, he’s really heavy and my husband is able to put him in the tub at this point, but as he gets closer to his adult weight of 90-100 pounds; his cooperation will be totally necessary. Thanks for your comment. Shirley


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