My Dog Boaz and Life Near the Lakes

Boaz is now an adult

Boaz is now 2.5 years old and weighs just under 130 pounds. Yes, he has turned into a big boy, even bigger than a normal male Giant Schnauzer. We waited until he was almost two years old before having him neutered so his bone plates would close. The neutering did seem to calm him down a little. He has become nicer around people. Not that he was bad before, but he would sometimes get a little too excited around visitors. Now he calms down pretty quick.

I’ve also begun to let Bo pull me and my wheelchair frequently, especially when I need some help up a slight ramp. He does this very willingly and easily. For now, I’ve been just holding his collar, but I’m going to get a proper harness soon so he can’t be hurt. He walks very fast when pulling me and yet I’ve had little trouble getting him to turn the way I want to go. I take him in Lowe’s and in the tractor supply store and he is great. I’ve taken him in pet stores too, but he does sometimes show a little too much interest in the dog treats. Once, when he was younger and his groomer was at the back of a pet store, I would end up buying a treat he stole every time I took him for grooming. – lol.

2 thoughts on “My Dog Boaz and Life Near the Lakes

  1. Julie Harris

    Shirley, what a great dog Boaz seems to be! You and your husband are really blessed to have found him and have him work out so well for you – especially being of service to you! How wonderful. I will bookmark your site and come back for more of your stories of life with Boaz. I am a true and avid lover of dogs and love reading stories from other dog lovers.
    My chosen and favorite breed is Chihuahuas. I have four, all rescues. They are Katy, who is 13, Roscoe, 4, Ike, who’s also 4, and our latest rescue, Kissy, who came from a responsible breeder who released her to a rescue organization and she’s 8. I love them all. Most of them are very nice, loving dogs, good with people. Katy, our oldest, is an ankle biter, though. She is a “mean” dog. But we love her anyway and we are just very careful about who we let around her. We recently took all the dogs to the vet for their annual exams and Katy bit our vet. He wasn’t happy. It was the second time he had gotten bit by her. We do remind him every time we take Katy in that she is a biter, but he seems to forget.
    I hope you and your husband have many happy years with Boaz!

    1. admin Post author

      Julie, thank you for visiting my blog site and your comment. So sorry Kathy bit your vet – but I guess it’s all in days work for vets huh! We have to be careful with Boaz around folks too, not because he is mean, he isn’t – in fact he’s very friendly, but he’s just so big. 130 pounds of dog can literally knock you over, especially if he’s excited to see you. He’s a mouther too, he likes to lick and slime people to show how friendly he is. We are certainly hoping to have a lot of great years with Bo. The life expectancy of Giant Schnauzers is 12-15 years I believe. – Shirley


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