Boaz is quite the “water dog”

Image of Mel in his blue Vibe kayak

Image of Mel in his blue Vibe kayak

Mel’s kayak is a blue 11″ “Vibe” Sea Ghost which is not quite as stable as mine; but more maneuverable and both kayaks are SOT (sit on top) styles, which make them harder to fill with water and sink or tip over.  Bo will not fit in Mel’s kayak with him.  Both kayaks are recreational kayaks and not meant for white water,  which is fine with Mel and

Here’s a link to a picture of the Sea Ghost Vibe

Both Kayaks are good recreational ones and should last us for many years with proper care.

I’ve been reading lots about kayaking and Ozark kayaking specifically.  I’ve downloaded several ebooks.

One of the ones I’ve downloaded and finished already is “Quiet Water Kayaking:

 A Beginners Guide to Kayaking” by Leslie Dunn.  I learned a lot from reading it and now I’m nervous about all this talk of “strainers” when river kayaking.

On this first trip, Boaz was more interested in swimming, than in riding me with me, so after trying for several minutes, we decided to just let him swim along beside us.  He had a blast swimming along with us and with his doggie life vest, I felt comfortable that he would not get in trouble.

Yes, I had ordered him a doggie life vest.  After all, he needs to be safe on the water also.  Here’s my product review article about the life vest I researched and picked for him soon.  It definitely seems to be working out and he can swim to his heart’s content.

I definitely need to show some pics of this first float with Boaz.

Image of Boaz swimming alongside us

Image of Boaz swimming alongside us











image of Mel on Lake Norwood

image of Shirley on Lake Norwood











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