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Boaz and the “Cone of Shame”

Boaz and the “Cone of Shame”

Boaz wearing the cone

Boaz wearing the cone

A few weeks ago, I was brushing Bo and felt a knot on his right ear.  I looked closer, thinking it might be a large tick, but no it was something else.  It looked like a tumor.  I showed it to Mel and he thought it was a tumor also.  We talked and I remembered that Giant schnauzers tend to get cancers, usually between their toes.  Mel and I checked but couldn’t find anything between his toes but we decided to get this checked out.  The next day we took him to the vet.  The vet looked at it and let the other vets at the clinic look and they said it needed to come out.  They would remove it and biopsy it.   Continue reading

Dog Life Vest – Product Review

My Review of Life Vests for Large Dogs


Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket Size Adjustable Dog Lifesaver Safety Reflective Vest Pet Life Preserver


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Vivaglory Continue reading

Boaz is quite the “water dog”

Our Kayaking Schnauzer

Mel and I picked up our two kayaks this week and yesterday, we took Bo with us to the nearest lake, just down the cliffs from us – Lake Norwood for our first solo “float”.

My kayak's standup bar

My kayak’s standup bar

My kayak is a fire-orange Diablo Amigo, which is 12.5′ and very stable.  I had a “standup bar” attached so I can pull myself up and down from the seat.  The bar is actually for someone who wants to fish standing up in the kayak; but for me,  it is a help to get up and down.   I have no problem getting in and out of it now.  The kayak has room for Bo to ride with me when he wants and if he’s not too rowdy, he won’t tip us over.

Here’s a link to a picture of my Amigo.

My Dog Boaz and Life Near the Lakes

Boaz is now an adult

Boaz is now 2.5 years old and weighs just under 130 pounds. Yes, he has turned into a big boy, even bigger than a normal male Giant Schnauzer. We waited until he was almost two years old before having him neutered so his bone plates would close. The neutering did seem to calm him down a little. He has become nicer around people. Not that he was bad before, but he would sometimes get a little too excited around visitors. Now he calms down pretty quick.

I’ve also begun to let Bo pull me and my wheelchair frequently, especially when I need some help up a slight ramp. He does this very willingly and easily. For now, I’ve been just holding his collar, but I’m going to get a proper harness soon so he can’t be hurt. He walks very fast when pulling me and yet I’ve had little trouble getting him to turn the way I want to go. I take him in Lowe’s and in the tractor supply store and he is great. I’ve taken him in pet stores too, but he does sometimes show a little too much interest in the dog treats. Once, when he was younger and his groomer was at the back of a pet store, I would end up buying a treat he stole every time I took him for grooming. – lol.

A New Way of Living

Moving into Retirement

There has been a lot of changes in our lives the past few months.

  • Bo has turned 2 years old
  • Mel has retired
  • We have sold our White Hall home of 27 years and moved to the Bella Vista home.

Life does have a way of changing, doesn’t it?  Mel and I and of course, Boaz, are all adjusting to this new way of life.  Our Bella Vista home has a white rock yard and no fenced in area.  So Boaz is very much a house dog now.  Mel takes him for short walks during the day and we both throw balls for him to run after from our driveway.  Our neighborhood is very quiet with very little traffic, which I’m glad for.  Mel or both of us together take Bo for long walks around Bella Vista Lake and sometimes other trails (at least Mel does, my wheelchair prevents me from going down some of the trails).

an image of Baoz wading in Little Sugar Creek

Boaz wading in Little Sugar Creek

A few days ago, we walked around Lake Bella Vista and Mel and Bo went ahead of me.  I caught up with them about half way around the lake.  Boaz will wringing wet because Mel had let him wade and then swim in Little Sugar Creek.  I had my camera and wanted to see that, so we went back to the creek area and Bo had so much fun wading and swimming.  I got a few pictures of him swimming.


It looks like Boaz is really a water loving dog. He was so happy in the water that we almost never got him to come out.  We decided to take him “swimming” more often.

Helping Pull my Chair

An image of Boaz in Little Sugar Creek

Boaz in Little Sugar Creek

an image of Boaz finally coming of the creek

Boaz finally comes out of the creek.

On the way back from the creek, I grabbed Boaz’s collar and he pulled me all the way back to the parking lot, with no problem at all.  This was the first time I had let him do that.  I though “how cool is this.”  Bo seemed to have no problem at all pulling me down the trail.  He weighs 115 pounds now and is full grown, so I know this doesn’t hurt him as I’ve read that a dog can pull up to 4 times their own weight.  Plus I’m on wheels which makes it easier.


I’m determined to keep training Boaz for obedience and to help me.  I really want to teach him to fetch and carry for me.  I’ve been reading about how to do that.  I plan to blog about that next and hopefully I’ll have a success story for Boaz to add to that blog.


Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.

– Shirley

Vacationing with Boaz

Taking it Easy with Boaz

Image of Bo at the Dog Park

Image of Bo at the Dog Park

This week, I’ve been vacationing with Boaz and my MIL who is 88 years old. We are in the city of Bella Vista, Arkansas at our vacation/retirement home.

Mel and I purchased the home to eventually retire to and meanwhile we use it as a vacation home. This small city is one of the best in Arkansas to live or vacation in. Located in the Ozark hills almost into Southern Missouri, the area is surrounded by green covered pine and hardwood forests, beautiful mountain lakes and lots of clear flowing streams and waterfalls. For those who are not so into nature and wildlife, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Pea-ridge Battlefield, Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, the Walnut Historic District of Rogers, the first Walmart store, Razorback football, basketball and other sports are driving distance away. Continue reading

An Exciting Weekend for Boaz!

Boaz’s Weekend

This has been an interesting weekend for both Boaz and Mel and I. After all the rain last week, I was feeling pretty down. I was exhausted from coming back from our vacation, where Bo, myself and my MIL has gone to get away from the house here in White Hall. We had packed up all the house except the kitchen and laundry room for old carpet to be removed and new vinyl plank flooring to be installed.
It looks great, but I’m actually still unpacking and going through stuff. While I’m unpacking, I’m organizing and throwing lots of stuff away. Boaz has been having a field day sneaking around, getting stuff out of boxes and chewing them up.
He’s loving to find papers and old pens which we are finding pieces of everywhere we go. He even tore Mel’s crossword puzzles up and the Sunday paper. For chewing up the paper, he was banished to outside until Mel finished reading every single word on what was left of the paper.

But Bo has also had a great weekend with several long walks and run-jogs with Mel. Bo loves these walks and Mel says he does just fine on them but they both come back with their tongues hanging out. Continue reading

Giant Schnauzer Delight!

“My day with Boaz

Today was a pretty cool day with Boaz.  I woke up very early for me at 6:30 a.m.  Remember I’m retired, disabled and in pain from these feet ulcers, so I normally don’t get to sleep until around 3 a.m. or after.  Well, today I was pumped about taking Bo to his vet appointment and then on for some public access work. So I set my alarm for 6:15 am and then automatically turned it off saying to myself  I would get up in a few minutes.  I’m sure you’ve done this before – the next thing I know, my dh is asking me, “are you taking Bo to the vet?”  Needless to say, it was 30 minutes after my alarm rang.  So I got up then and into the shower. At 7:30, when my dh normally leaves for work, I had him get Bo into the back seat of my car for me.  Boaz is still reluctant to climb in and out of the car, something about the steps and height I guess.  But in my readings on my various forums, this is not unusual for Giant Schnauzer pups and sometimes it takes quite a while and much effort to get them over this fear.  So I’m definitely going to start some lesson work in the driveway practicing getting in and out of the back seat.  Bo is just getting too big for me to be lifting and pushing him like this. Continue reading