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My Dog Boaz and Life Near the Lakes

Boaz is now an adult

Boaz is now 2.5 years old and weighs just under 130 pounds. Yes, he has turned into a big boy, even bigger than a normal male Giant Schnauzer. We waited until he was almost two years old before having him neutered so his bone plates would close. The neutering did seem to calm him down a little. He has become nicer around people. Not that he was bad before, but he would sometimes get a little too excited around visitors. Now he calms down pretty quick.

I’ve also begun to let Bo pull me and my wheelchair frequently, especially when I need some help up a slight ramp. He does this very willingly and easily. For now, I’ve been just holding his collar, but I’m going to get a proper harness soon so he can’t be hurt. He walks very fast when pulling me and yet I’ve had little trouble getting him to turn the way I want to go. I take him in Lowe’s and in the tractor supply store and he is great. I’ve taken him in pet stores too, but he does sometimes show a little too much interest in the dog treats. Once, when he was younger and his groomer was at the back of a pet store, I would end up buying a treat he stole every time I took him for grooming. – lol.

Boaz is growing fast and sweeter each day

Our Sweet Boaz

Boaz is now 15 months old and each day he is sweeter and has more personality.  I’m at home a lot during cold weather because I hate to mess with getting my wheelchair out to the car and loaded up.  Mel is still working, so Bo and I spend lots of time together.  He follows me around wherever I go, from room to room and even waits outside the bathroom when I potty – he would be in the room with me except my wheelchair blocks him from coming in.

During the day I will open the front door and just leave the screen locked, so he can see out.  He loves to lay by the door and see cars and people go by.  He loves the UPS guy and has a big dog bark when I have a delivery.  One guy loves to pet and play with Bo if I’m outside with him.  The other little guy is terrified of him, so I try to put him inside when that one is the delivery man.

When Mel gets home each night, Boaz gets so excited and Mel will let him out and they both go to get the mail together.  In the mornings, Mel and Bo will get the newspaper, Bo runs to get it and brings it back to Mel. Bo loves to do that each morning.  When the paper is late, both of them get upset. Continue reading

Another Obedience Class Today

Obedience Training Today

Image of Bo, Trainer Candee Teitel and Mel working on LEAVE IT

Image of Bo, Trainer Candee Teitel and Mel working on LEAVE IT

Today is Saturday and I took Boaz and my husband, Mel, to obedience class today. We had an hour long training class.

Today,  our Trainer, Candee Tietel, worked with us on the following:

  • Leave It
  • Walking on Heel on a leash
  • Going up and down steps
  • Getting in and out of the car without having to be picked up
  • Waiting at the  door before rushing  in or out

I had recently ordered a seat protector for the backseat of my car, because Bo loves to splash through mud and water and his feet leave marks on the leather seats.  So I ordered a seat cover to use and today was the first day we used it.  Mel said it was no ;problem getting it on the seat back and bottom and Bo seemed very happy laying on it.  I’m going to do a review on it soon.(Solvit 62313 Waterproof Bench Seat Cover for Pets). Continue reading

Commands for Service Dogs

Common commands

At Bo’s first obedience lesson, his trainer made a point of telling us that we needed to pick a word to use for teaching Bo a specific behavior.  It needed to be one word and both Mel and I needed to use the same word for the same behavior when we work with Bo.  So we are using

  1. sit
  2. down
  3. stay
  4. heel
  5. come

Continue reading

Why should you Train Your Dog?

Why Train?

Image of dog sitting, copyright Microsoft

Image of dog sitting, copyright Microsoft

You may ask yourself, “why is training necessary?”  Yes, it would be easier on you to not have to train your dog, but you would soon regret it.  Just as your child needs to learn proper behavior to become an accepted member of society, your canine family member needs to learn how to behave in various situations also. A dog (or child) that doesn’t know how to behave in social situations, can become a very unwanted child/dog.  We all have been around children or  pets that exhibit no manners and are not obedient.  These situations make you just want to leave the situation and go home because you are uncomfortable with the child/dog. You may also recall being in a situation where a child or dog exhibited good manners and behavior and remember how pleasant it was to be around them and that you looked forward to visiting again. Continue reading

Boaz’s First Formal Obedience Training

Obedience  Training

Boaz will have his first obedience lesson with a for real trainer this coming Saturday evening. It will be mine and Mel’s first class also. I’m so looking forward to it.

Trainer Candee Tietel of “Oh Behave Dog School” is going to help us train Bo. She lives in Little Rock, AR AND has been training obedience for over 25 years to various breeds and owners. She has sent me a list of items to bring and how to prepare Bo for his first lesson.  No food for 4 hours before lesson. Exercise some before class to take some of the bounce off so he will pay more attention. I’m to cut up some turkey dogs, string cheese and Vienna sausage treats-lots of them to bring. He will need a toy and his collar and leash.

These will be private lessons for just us and Bo. I’m hoping we can continue after the first four lessons and work on service dog tasks with Bo. Hopefully Bo and both Mel and I will learn well enough to be ready to take and pass the CGC test by summer. That’s the Canine Good Companion test that the AKC sponsors  Continue reading

Getting to Know my Little Giant

Giant Woes

Boaz is 12.5 weeks now  and lived with us for 6 weeks and it is definitely an adventure for all of us. Puppy house training has been a real challenge. Bo is very good about not soiling his crate/bed area, but the rest of our home and the deck has been a free potty zone. My dh and myself have been very frustrated. But I noticed the last couple of days, accidents are seldom.  Mel has been taking him out regularly and waiting for him to do his business. We have also put bells hanging down from both front and back doors. Bo is learning to go jangle the bells or bark when he wants out. He’s not noisy. He only barks once.

Image of Boaz

Image of Boaz

Bo is also growing like a weed. He’s definitely going to be a Giant Schnauzer if he grows into those big paws of his.  He was given another round of vaccinations yesterday at the vets and he weighed 24 pounds. Three weeks ago he was 15 pounds. He’s gotten so tall that when I sit at the table he can come beside me and lay his chin on top of the table. But no table food for him. He has his well balanced Orijen large breed puppy food and lots of great treats when we train together and I put him in his crate.

I’m finding that my housekeeping is going to have to get better, with less “things” laying around.  Bo can reach the top surface of most of our tables already;  soon the kitchen counters will be within his reach. Continue reading

Boaz’s first play date

Bo gets to go Visiting for the First Time

Image of Boaz on play date

Image of Boaz on play date

Yesterday, we took Bo for his first socialization outside our home – a Play Date with my sisters’s dogs. Beau did very well, just a little shy at first and then got along with everyone (people and dogs) fine. He and the little female played hard together and he was so tired, that when we left my sisters’ home and went to a friends house to borrow a larger pet carrier for us to use a Christmas for him, he slept at my feet and ignored that friends dogs. When we got home, he laid down in the living room with Mel and slept for 1.5 hours.  Guess we finally found out what will tire him out.  We made sure all the dogs were fine and had their shots before we went.  Boaz was very calm and mild mannered on our visit and I was very proud of him.  I iPhone was too full so I only got one pic of him with the little fluff ball doggie.  The next time we visit, Bo will be twice the size of Matts.

Continue reading

Teaching “Bite Inhibition” to your puppy

Ouch! that can hurt little dog!

One thing that is for sure, puppies love to play and lick and bite on you.  They do this with their siblings and canine mom a lot.  However, their little teeth can be very sharp and feel like needles in your hands and arms, and feet.  Normally, a puppy will learn what is called ‘bite inhibition” from its siblings and mother, however, when the puppy is removed from the litter early, (as in 7-8 weeks), he may not have had the opportunity to learn it before you picked him up.  This was the case for our Boaz.  Bo was between 7-8 weeks when we picked him up, so he was very young and had not learned to temper his bites.

So we are in the process of teaching him “bite inhibition” ourselves.  Evidently he needs to learn this now or he could be too aggressive as an adult, not knowing to go “easy” on humans.  This is a very time consuming process at this age, as he is also “teething” and wanting to chew on literally everything in sight. Continue reading

Potty Training or Housebreaking your Puppy

Training Boaz to go Outside to Relieve Himself

The first order of business for us of course was to teach Boaz to relieve himself outside, not inside our home.

Unfortunately, this is proving to be quite a task.  Both our home in Bella Vista and our home in White Hall have significant amounts of carpet (LR/BRS), so naturally I do not want Bo having accidents on the carpet.

At the Bella Vista house we put a paper down outside his crate in the hardwood laminate in the sunroom and he does try to urinate there.  Its funny that sometimes he puts his front legs on the paper and lets go, but his rear end is off the paper.  He’s trying, so we can’t really get onto him doing that but reposition him when we can.  As a young, under 12 week puppy, he doesn’t have much bladder control for a while.

So I’ve been reading lots of my puppy training books and getting various tips on housebreaking.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far. Continue reading