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I purchased this from Amazon online and received it in two days as part of my Amazon Prime Membership, which I love.  Actually, I purchased not just one of these, but two.  We had two homes at this time, our primary home in White Hall, Arkansas and our retirement/vacation home in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  We wanted Boaz to have the same crate in both homes.




Precision Crate Image

Precision Crate Image

Precision Crate Image

Precision Crate Image



  • SAFE:  The crate door is well secured at 5 different locations and has a safety door latch with rounded corners.
  • Strong: I really like that this is not flimsy.  It si made of a heavy-gauge wire
  • Durable: The create has a rust-resistant black finish.
  • The slide out bottom plastic tray is easy to remove and to clean.
  • A divider is included so you can divide the crate for two dogs or to make a smaller area for one dog.  We used this when Bo was a puppy 
  • Size: It is a nice, large size at 48″(Length) x 30″(Length) x 33″(Width) + 
  • The 2-Door design is nice to help place the crate in your home.
  • The divider is included so your crate area can grow with your puppy.
  • There are handles to carry the crate and it can be folded to make it easy to transport and to store.
  • Dimensions: 48″(Length) x 30″(Width) x 33″(Height) + 2 doors + Free divider panel + Free Removable Plastic Pan + Included carrying handle

My Review Comments:  

As I noted earlier, I purchased two of these large dog crates.  One for each of our two homes.  I had read that in potty training your dog, it’s best to start them out with a crate inside so you can place them in it when you are not able to properly watch him/her or take them out regularly.  It certainly saves us from some messes, as a dog will not usually do his business in his bed and we could take him outside to potty every few hours.  There were a few months that Bo did not cooperate much with potty training (mainly my fault because in my wheelchair, I could not take him out myself and down the front or back steps).  However, he eventually learned and is a great house-trained pet now.

It also gives you a place to keep them at night that is like their bedroom and safe place.  Everyone needs a safe place and Boaz would occasionally get in his crate even when he was older and our young grandsons were here.  It was a place he could go to get away from the crawling one’s poking fingers and if we wanted to keep him away from freshly cleaned and dressed boys, we could put Bo in his crate.

Since Bo was going to be a big dog, I wanted a crate that was strong, yet safe for him and easy to move and clean.  The create can be broken down and lays flat so it can be carried with its handle.  The floor is a large flat pan that slides in and out and can be cleaned easily if necessary.


an image of puppy Bo by his big crate

an image of puppy Bo by his big crate

I liked the two doors, which closed and locked easily. Bo could not get them open himself.  I used both doors, depending on the room I placed it in.  At first, when Boaz was smaller, I used the divider to make his space smaller so he would think of it as his bed and not potty there.  That worked out well.  As he grew, I removed the divider and now, as a full grown adult Giant-Schnauzer, weighing 130 pounds, he still fits in it if we need to crate him.




an image of Boaz in his bed

an image of Boaz in his bed

But as an adult now, Bo does not need a crate and he now sleeps on his own large doggy beds, he has two of them in our Bella Vista home now.

Sometimes when it is hot, he likes to sleep on the cool flooring. We have stored both crates in our basement.  They break down easily and lay flat, so are simple to store or carry in the bed of our truck if needed.


I say that because sometimes we travel and certain places will allow a dog but want you to bring a crate for them.  So we have those crates now if necessary and they are plenty big enough for him as an adult Giant Schnauzer.

Summary and Rating

All in all, I am very, very happy with my purchase of this crate.  Before purchasing these, I had researched quite a few and when i came across these and read the reviews and rating, it was easy for me to decide to purchase this model.  Bo is no longer using a crate in our home because he is well housebroken.  But we do use it on the road and if we need to keep him away from certain guests.  Some hotels and resorts require you to keep your dog in a crate, especially if left alone.

The crate can be broken down and lays flat to transport.  There are two doors, one in an end and the other on a side, so it can fit your space.  It also comes with an adjustable divider that can be inserted to reduce the space or hold two dogs.

I give it a FIVE-STAR rating, the highest possible rating since it worked out extremely well for me.

An image of a gold starAn image of a gold starAn image of a gold starAn image of a gold starAn image of a gold star


Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.

– Shirley

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