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My Review of Life Vests for Large Dogs


Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket Size Adjustable Dog Lifesaver Safety Reflective Vest Pet Life Preserver


$31.99 on Amazon



Where to Purchase:

I purchased this from Amazon online and received it in two days as part of my Amazon Prime Membership, which I love.  I purchased this in May of 2017 before we even purchased our kayaks, so I could make sure it fit my dog, Boaz, before we started floating with him.


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An image of a dog life vest

An image of a dog life vest

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An image of dog swimming with life vest

An image of dog swimming with life vest

An image of dog swimming with life vest


  • SIZES: I love there are several sizes available (5 in all).  Sized SX to XL.  They provide a sizing chart to use to pick your size.  This is aAvailable in 5 sizes, ranges from XS to XL. Please kindly read the HOW TO MEASURE & SIZE CHART illustration in the product pictures to get a right size for your beloved dog.  Using the chart, I was able to pick the correct size for Boaz on the first try.  He wears an XL.  He’s a Giant Schnauzer, 2.5 years old and weighs around 125 pounds.
  • COLORS:  You can order in several colors which are nice.  I wanted something light and bright for Boaz.  I also really like the reflective portions of the vest so he can be more easily seen while in the water. 
  • SAFETY: My Boaz is a big, strong dog and the extra padding works well to give him lots of buoyancy and provides more safety.  The system is fastened around both belly and neck and has velcro, so the vest is well secured.  When we kayak with our Paddler Club, We are often on the water for an hour or more.  Bo has no trouble paddling with us for 1.5 and even 2 hours once.  He refuses to sit in my kayak and wants in the water all the time.  We give him breaks by going close to shore where he can walk some in the shallow water.  After a summer of swimming/kayaking with us, he has never gotten in trouble in the water.  He is a tired dog when we get home and sleeps very well that night for sure.
  • CONVENIENCE:  I like the handle on top which you can grab if you need to rescue.  The D-ring is great for when I need to attach a leash.  Everything is adjustable so you can get a good fit.

My Review Comments:  

I came across this vest quickly on Amazon and read all the specs and the reviews which were great.  This product came in quickly with my Prime Amazon Subscription.  I really like the 2-day delivery.  I tried it on Boaz immediately and it fit him great.  I was so happy because sometimes I have to return and order again when trying to fit items on him.  

Plus, it was easy to figure out how to strap in him it. The length was good and the straps worked out fine with a little adjustment.  I was also happy there didn’t seem to be any spot that would rub and hurt him.  Extra padding is included to help with buoyancy too.  I liked the fact there were reflective components to help him be seen in the water. I liked the handle on top because he can swim alongside my kayak and I can give him a few minutes break by lifting him just a little – this gives him a brief rest.  I liked the D-ring at the top too so I can attach a leash either in or out of the water.  I’ve purchased a 15-foot leash that I can attach and give him a little “tow” on the water to help him keep up with me.

I was June before we purchased our kayaks and tested this on him in the water.  We put our kayaks in at the nearest lake to us, Lake Norwood and spent about 1.5 hours on the water.  Boaz decided he would rather swim in the water than ride in my kayak with me.  So he swam a long time, with just a couple of breaks on the shore. 

He swam easily and his head was above water all the time.  We took him out again a few days later and he was swimming in the water almost 2 hours with no problems.  I’m pretty happy with this vest and how well it fits and helps him when he is swimming. 

I love all the exercise and fun he is getting in the water.  He really loves it because it is so cool in these summer months of Arkansas.  The only problem I have is that he smells like a wet water dog much more now.



I’m giving this life vest a FIVE-STAR rating, the highest possible rating since it worked out extremely well for me and my dog.

An image of a gold starAn image of a gold starAn image of a gold starAn image of a gold starAn image of a gold star



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