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An Exciting Weekend for Boaz!

Boaz’s Weekend

This has been an interesting weekend for both Boaz and Mel and I. After all the rain last week, I was feeling pretty down. I was exhausted from coming back from our vacation, where Bo, myself and my MIL has gone to get away from the house here in White Hall. We had packed up all the house except the kitchen and laundry room for old carpet to be removed and new vinyl plank flooring to be installed.
It looks great, but I’m actually still unpacking and going through stuff. While I’m unpacking, I’m organizing and throwing lots of stuff away. Boaz has been having a field day sneaking around, getting stuff out of boxes and chewing them up.
He’s loving to find papers and old pens which we are finding pieces of everywhere we go. He even tore Mel’s crossword puzzles up and the Sunday paper. For chewing up the paper, he was banished to outside until Mel finished reading every single word on what was left of the paper.

But Bo has also had a great weekend with several long walks and run-jogs with Mel. Bo loves these walks and Mel says he does just fine on them but they both come back with their tongues hanging out. Continue reading