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Boaz is quite the “water dog”

Our Kayaking Schnauzer

Mel and I picked up our two kayaks this week and yesterday, we took Bo with us to the nearest lake, just down the cliffs from us – Lake Norwood for our first solo “float”.

My kayak's standup bar

My kayak’s standup bar

My kayak is a fire-orange Diablo Amigo, which is 12.5′ and very stable.  I had a “standup bar” attached so I can pull myself up and down from the seat.  The bar is actually for someone who wants to fish standing up in the kayak; but for me,  it is a help to get up and down.   I have no problem getting in and out of it now.  The kayak has room for Bo to ride with me when he wants and if he’s not too rowdy, he won’t tip us over.

Here’s a link to a picture of my Amigo.